Wardrobe Staple

All wardrobes need a combination of basics (your wardrobe workhorses) and interest pieces. I often get so excited about adding garments that have that "wow" factor: print, colour, texture, shine; that I can fall into the trap of neglecting some of the pieces that will lay the foundation and building blocks for some fabulous outfit creation.

Recently, I added a silky white button-up to my wardrobe (I purchased the H&M one shown below) and I have been amazed how frequently it's already been worn. It works well under dresses (such as slip or tank style), sweatshirts or sweaters, or paired with a printed trouser or pencil skirt. I also love the way it looks when done in a monochromatic look such as with a white midi skirt or jeans. The possibilities are endless!

While I do love the look of a crisp, white button-up, the silkier version allows for layering without bulk. Some of these are such an affordable pricepoint that it won't break the bank to have two white button ups in your closet...remember, it's all about cost-per-wear and making the most with what is already hanging in your closet.

I've rounded up a few that are in stores at the moment - click on the image to check out the link and/or shop from home.

Let me know if have any questions about how to style or require some inspiration!