Those of you who know me well, may be surprised that I have put together this catalog hi-lighting Activewear - which doesn't usually top my radar when I am shopping.

However, so many brands are offering well-priced, stylish and comfortable options - it helps moderately active people like myself get a little more excited to kit up, get out and get moving!

The items curated below were with the intention of activities such as: walking (or maybe some light jogging - or what I do...a shuffle!), barre fitness, yoga, dance class etc. Most of these pieces have some style element in the colour or print that they can elevate the look if you are going to throw them on and zip out to do some quick errands.

I've selected garments from Uniqlo, Joe Fresh, Old Navy and the Gap all which are available here in Canada and are incredibly well priced. If you find pieces you like from the Gap or Old Navy, be sure to wait until they offer a discount as they do this frequently (usually around 40%) and shopping online with these companies are a breeze.

I started the year with the goal of increasing my cardio. I have to admit I haven't been very consistent in that. But, I thoroughly enjoyed the daily long distance walking in NYC and plan to keep my steps and heart rate up going forward. I follow Rachel Hollis on Instagram and she always says you need to move your body for at least 30 minutes a day - that is completely do-able! I absolutely love barre fitness classes, and now that my chiropractor seems to have stabilized the tweaks I was experiencing in my back, I plan to get back into a more regular rotation in the Fall. Excited that there are some options available to refresh my active wear wardrobe without breaking the bank.