Closet accessories

One of the style prompts this month is to wear something we already have in a new way. The point is to get creative with what we already have and break the cycle of always feeling like we need something new.

It can be hard to feel inspired with our wardrobes if they aren't organized or presenting our garments in the most flattering way possible! I truly believe we need to treat our clothing with love and set it up in a way that we feel as if we are stepping into our own personal boutique - rather than an overwhelming mass of clothing.

In order to be organized, you need the right tools. Here are a few that I've found helpful for myself or in my work with clients.

Did you catch my recent blogpost on hangers? You'll find a few of my top picks here in the catalog.

In addition to these items, I highly recommend good lighting and pretty details that make you feel happy. Getting dressed can sometimes feel stressful, let's try and minimize that as much as possible!