Make it through 'til Spring...

It's hard to believe we are weeks away from Spring - but it is around the corner...we'll get there!

While I always advocate shopping with a plan according to gaps identified in the wardrobe, there is something to be said about a little retail therapy pick me up. This time of year when we are still in the midst of winter weather and dark mornings we might need to treat ourselves to give us a little lift...and help us power through until Spring.

Maybe you are getting tired of your regular rotation of winter clothes - there are some great sales right now, so it might be a good time to add something to combine with your current favourites. Or, maybe it's a good time to play with a bold colour or different silhouette to mix things up a bit. It could be as simple as a beauty product or small accessory.

I've rounded up a few finds here for some inspiration. You can click on the image for product details or to shop on line. Within the notes, I've included a few style tips and trends as well.

Make sure to show yourself a little extra love this month! Lori xo