The BEST White Jeans

Of all the Wardrobe Classics that I talk about, White Jeans are probably the hardest to find and get just right. When they are good...they are so good. But when the are bad, well they can be really awful. I'm rounding out my favorites that I either own or have put clients in or have gotten many good reviews from normal (grown up) women;)
Here are some criteria:
1. Jeans that are thick enough to hide imperfections, but thin enough to be stretchy and breathe
2. Jeans that allow you to wear undergarments comfortably
3. Jeans that don’t show cellulite or other bumps and bulges.
4. Jeans that are not so stretchy and tight that they look like white body paint.
I need to preface this by saying that good white jeans are worth the investment. All you need is one good pair.

Here we go....