Envision your very own closet full of clothing that can be worn throughout every season of the year, all year long. Imagine chunky knits and leathers mixed with elegant silks and cottons and visualize your entire wardrobe to be season-less rather than seasonal. That is precisely the savvy way to maximize the styling possibilities of your closet and increase the wearability of your clothing.

By this time of the year regardless of where you live in the country, winter is in full swing. Some of us are dreading wearing our winter clothes while others in places like South Florida are undoubtedly excited about those sweaters, jackets and boots that have been purged from your closet this summer. Whether its a mild winter or a bit more frosty, it is the ideal weather to combine those great summer pieces with your winter apparel and make your wardrobe truly versatile.

So don’t be so quick to put those summer sandals in their boxes and fold away those summer tanks. The goal is to maximize the use of every piece in your closet and create your very own seasonless style. So if you have missed your opportunity to wear that special sandal this past summer or simply can’t bear to part with those graceful summer maxi dresses, this is your opportunity to neglect those pieces no more and include them in your innovative cold weather styles.

This season resolve yourself to not categorizing your clothing as just winter or summer attire. As true seasonless styling is the art of strategically blending your summer pieces with your winter apparel which is key to expanding your wardrobe, saving time and money, and thus creating endless styling possibilities in your very own closet.