Your Virtual Closet

No more bad purchases! No more buying crap just to have something to wear. Shopping was never so easy and stress-free.

With your virtual closet you have your wardrobe at your fingertips. Perfect for building a sustainable wardrobe; packing for a trip; or the occasional, impromptu shopping trip. Only buy what you need & what will combine with your existing clothes, shoes and accessories. Golden Rule: if you can't make at least three combinations with a new item, don't buy it.

Your virtual closet consists of up to three sections, depending on the level of service you choose:

1. CLOSET is a photo archive of your existing clothing and accessories, organized to your specifications. Brands and sizes are noted, saving time on future shopping trips.

2. LOOKS is where your outfits (combinations) are stored. Choose any item and immediately see all of the combinations made with that item.

3. FINDS is your private, curated webshop. Click on any item to link to the website for full details and to purchase the item. Or leave feedback on an item so that I can edit the selection.

Have a look in this sample closet to see how it works. If you want to know more, visit or contact me at / +31(0)620524203.