Welcome to your new online closet!
My name is Jessica Pfohl Paisley, founder of PS Styling and your personal Style Professional.

Your Virtual Styling Resource:

CLOSET: Your closet consists of individual items you own. Upload them here so I can use them in the Lookbook. If you need assistance in uploading let me know and we can make a plan! Access your personal clothing inventory with your very own Virtual Closet. Your clothing, your closet.

LOOKBOOK - Have the clothing from your Virtual Closet styled by your Style Professional to create unique looks from your own closet, created specifically for you.

FINDS - Items your Style Professional (me!) finds for you from any retailer, online or locally. When you need help shopping for the perfect item or look, you can access your Style Finds virtually, sent directly to your account with a monthly plan.

You can access your virtual styling resource at any level you'd like. Check out the plan options, we can work together one on one, or you can select a plan that is the best fit for...

Yours In Style,

{ PS } You can even add this to your smartphone! See instructions in the Closet FAQ at the bottom of the page.