Meet Hue & Stripe

The tool of choice for image consultants & professional wardrobe stylists since 2014

For seven years, we've made it our mission to build the industry's leading platform upon which modern image professionals can grow and scale their business.

To that aim, Hue & Stripe provides vetted image professionals best-in-class wardrobe management tools, streamlined back-office admin tools, access to brand commission relationships, valuable business training, and much more.

Hue & Stripe's platform has grown to be used today by accredited image professionals and their clientele in every major US metropolitan area, Europe, and Canada.

Membership Benefits

Work seamlessly with a client's existing items and new Finds in a collaborative resource clients love to update and reference over and over

Easily create beautiful outfit recommendations from your client's photo uploads and your new recommendations


Keep client cards on file to instantly charge future invoices in flexible, branded invoices

Consolidate and streamline your back-office management with tools custom-designed for the image professional's workflow

Begin earning commission from 30k+ brands and retailers without a second thought thanks to automatic sale tracking

Easily collect new client information and photos via a fully customizable, branded New Client Questionnaire

Use your own company branding in client Wardrobes, invoices, emails, and even on client bank statements

Gain access to H&S's active, private professionals group and monthly panel discussions on business growth strategies

What We Believe


Personal stylists and Silicon Valley venture capitalists don't mix.

Since our founding, we've seen over a dozen investment-backed tech startups misunderstand the work image professionals do and fail. We are proud to be a 100% founder-owned and profitable platform — not beholden to outside venture capitalists. This has allowed Hue & Stripe the autonomy to remain true to our core values and mission — and we are happy to say we're growing faster than ever!

Our founding team is deeply committed to ethical business operations and we greatly value the personal relationships we have in our community and industry. We take pride in Hue & Stripe's reputation for integrity, authenticity, and friendliness.

The Power ofExperienced
Image Professionals

Experienced personal stylists and image consultants wield an incredible ability to transform their client's look.

But beyond this, they help clients to find new confidence, triumph over insecurities, and more effectively convey what they wish with their appearance — whether that's more polish at the office, finding a new "normal" after weight changes, stunning the dating world, or even just learning ways to make the "outside" better reflect a client's identity on the "inside."

We know image professionals have great power to change lives for the better.

Technology's Place
in the Image Industry

Software must not replace the highly personal, high-touch experience provided by personal stylists. A one-on-one relationship with an experienced stylist can change a client's life and provide far more than a list of product recommendations.

Technology, instead, can power and augment the high level of service that professionals provide, enabling new touchpoints with clients, opening new revenue streams, and minimizing the time spent in back-office operations.

Hue & Stripe works to stay abreast of emerging technologies to equip our members with state-of-the-art solutions and tools to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Our Story

If only Jeremy had a personal stylist in 2011. That ill-fitting suit could have been avoided!

Hue & Stripe's story begins in 2011 when our founder and Engineering Lead Jeremy, while preparing for his upcoming wedding, saw his bride-to-be struggling to find bridesmaid dresses in her colors: slate blue and peach. Having seven bridesmaids surely complicated the task, but as Jeremy sat down to help he quickly realized what thousands of bridal parties have experienced before: that there was no efficient way to shop by specific hues online. From that experience, the idea for a color-exact apparel search engine was born.

While finishing up a Masters Degree in Information Systems, Jeremy set about creating a system to extract more precise hues from dress product photos - and make them searchable. He enlisted Craig Nordstrom, a recent graduate from the Marriott School of Management (and the Best Man at Jeremy's wedding), to help with the effort and in Spring 2013 they launched "The Dress Spot" to the public.

The Dress Spot boasted an apparel search engine with over 1000 hues.

As The Dress Spot began to circulate online, the team was approached by image consultants enquiring whether the service could be expanded various ways.

Before you could blink, the team had been befriended by several veteran image professionals and Jeremy and Craig soon gained a deep respect for the breadth of expertise they possessed and the lasting impact they had on their clients. But the team also realized how desperately the image industry needed better tools to modernize.

By Fall 2014, with feedback and help from image consultants across North America, the system that initially powered The Dress Spot had been greatly expanded and transformed into what is today called Hue & Stripe.

Hue & Stripe launched into private beta that Fall to a trusted group of image consultants and has been innovating, evolving, and expanding ever since!

Meet Our Founders

Jeremy Penrod

Jeremy leads Product Design and Engineering at Hue & Stripe and has a passion for creating products that users love. He has created and launched products of all sizes - from specialized fine art dealers to massive gaming communities with millions of users. Originally from California, Jeremy lived a few years in New York City (which he still feels is the greatest city in the world) and now lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, 2 small kids, and their unruly mutt. His inbox is always open for feedback or feature requests!

Craig Nordstrom

Craig leads Community Building at Hue & Stripe and looks forward to connecting with you. He's leveraged his business background to help over 2,000 stylists and image consultants grow their business. Raised in Orange County, California, he recently moved to beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and 4 young children, where you can frequently spot them on local hiking trails.